Support and Help Desk

The issues and problems faced by the personnel who assume the help desk and technical support role in the information technologies department of the institutions should be analyzed first. As a result of the related analysis, these problems can be reduced by ensuring that the user computers are managed centrally or by creating instructions for the users to solve the problems they face.

Within the scope of technical support processes, it is generally preferred to solve problems with remote connection method to user computers with third party software. Examination of the mentioned third party software together with the products within the Institution; If necessary, the provision of these solutions with corporate new software should come to the fore within the scope of data security.


There may be a delay in the restructuring of corporate software or solutions that provide remote support due to financial costs such as installation, licensing, and training. In this context, open source solutions can be offered in the short term by conducting researches in line with the demands of the Authority; In line with the capabilities of the software currently in the Institution's inventory, necessary support can be provided over these software; In the long term, a road map is provided to the Authority about the methods to be followed. Thus, providing technical support needed by telephone, e-mail, remote access or on-site intervention; it is aimed for the satisfaction of the end users and the disruption of the services.

Help Desk | Support

As a result of the analysis made for corporate needs, automation projects involving new software or integrated solutions; Finding fast solutions to the demands and problems of end users, thus reducing the workloads of the helpdesk and support teams.

Within the scope of these automations, it is possible to solve the requests made by the users with call records by automatic answers / directions. The finalization of user requests through the robot messaging platform is also among the mentioned solutions. After the user declares his / her request to the robot operator in voice or in writing; If there is a solution in the records, the steps to be taken to the user can be notified via e-mail or if the solution for the request of the user is not included in the existing records, it can be directed to the help desk or support teams.