Consultancy services are provided within the scope of analysis, planning, optimization, installation / integration and troubleshooting in corporate data centers. These services include planning the planned actions, making the necessary planning against the steps to be taken against unexpected problems, providing immediate solutions to the problems when necessary, and reporting the results. In this context, an increase in service quality and customer satisfaction is provided and speed and flexibility are gained in the institutions' transition to current technological infrastructure and applications.


Our company first signs a confidentiality agreement within the scope of consultancy service; The scope of the mentioned contract is prepared within the scope of the needs of the Authorities. Following the protection of the rights of both parties, planning and studies are started.


Outsourcing offers Institutions alternative solutions in areas where they have limited expertise, which are out of their main fields of activity in rapidly increasing competition conditions. Thus, it is ensured that the internal resources of the institutions are concentrated on their own areas, access to the resources that cannot be owned inside and coping with difficult functions to manage.