Software and Data Management

The hardware that takes the first place among the annual investments of the institution's data centers and constitutes one of the highest costs are disk systems called storage. Legally, some data should be actively kept and archived. Data within the solutions, such as sharing areas, etc., which are used for service purposes in institutions, reach uncontrollable points over the years; backing up of data that will not need to be stored unnecessarily or for a long time is made; Thus, unnecessary investment is required in storage units.

Data classifications can be made with integrated systems or web-based solutions. Thus, following the notification of the personnel who make up the document or the relevant IT personnel with the workflows provided at certain times, the data will be automatically moved to the archive; If it does, it is possible to delete it automatically at certain times. In this context, with these solutions, data in storage units can be edited and unnecessary investment costs can be prevented.


Patches (patches) unknowingly released by the manufacturers among the software and hardware used in the informatics world may cause unexpected errors. In this respect, it is recommended that the patches in question are tried in the test systems before and updates are made. However, due to the lack of infrastructure in many data centers, automatic updates cause security vulnerabilities.

Data Protection

The importance of products that need to be structured as security measures is known to prevent the seizure of the data of the institution voluntarily and / or involuntarily by malicious persons. Documents in areas where institution personnel have access permissions can be prevented from being opened in a network other than the institution's network or in an internet environment; In this context, it is possible for the personnel to open the data of the Institution only through the network of the Institution. In cases where the personnel leave the Institution or the account is closed with the encryption method, the documents cannot be opened because the user name and password cannot be verified when the data is requested to be opened.         

With the advancement of security solutions, it is possible to learn the behavior of users and other entities in the Institutions and to create a behavior profile about them by configuring the products that can help protect them from internal threats on internal platforms and perform Advanced Threat Analysis. It is possible to take precautions against malicious people by making the necessary notifications to the concerned people in the event that an activity other than the standard processes of the users is detected with the said products.


The stored data is protected through data backup systems in case of computer or servers failures on disk, application errors, virus infections, loss of data files or user faulty errors. You can meet your backup needs with many alternative software. The compatibility of the mentioned backup software with the Institution systems should be evaluated first; the relevant software must have performance, deduplication and item-based return capabilities during backup.

Within the scope of the explanations we have mentioned above, our company will be happy to be with you with solutions and suggestions in order to protect your data security with minimum costs in line with your demands and needs.