Maintenance and Repair

Although the usage times of the hardware in the data centers of the institutions are directly proportional to the environment, conditions of use and the maintenance performed; There are optimum usage times for each equipment. However, if there are no frequent problems; Change planning is suspended since it requires high financial costs. Failure to do these plans and try to take action when problems occur can lead to undesirable situations such as data loss.


In the software world, manufacturers support retroactive software for a certain period of time from their current versions. Checking whether inter-version switching is possible and adequacy of existing hardware should be at the top of the points to be considered when trying to provide up-to-date software.


Failure to follow software and hardware offered in today's technology due to financial costs; causes existing software and hardware to become inefficient and inadequate over time; the lack of updates, security, lack of performance, etc. together with the risks, it leads to the departure from the current technology.