Planning the training subjects in line with the needs of the technical and administrative personnel of the institutions and grouping the personnel who will attend these trainings according to their knowledge level will enable the trainings to be productive.

Since administrative personnel generally require training according to their office products and technical personnel according to their branches, it is deemed appropriate by our company to determine their priorities and to provide trainings by planning within the scope of these priorities.

Software and System

By evaluating the personnel who are providing services in software according to their areas of expertise and level; We are happy to organize the trainings they want to participate in, or to enable software professionals to receive training by specifically selecting products and programs.

Softwares | Tools

Supporting the knowledge of technical personnel with new software and tools in the world of informatics; In addition, we are happy to provide our trainings within the scope of supporting the software and tools they currently use with platform and program independent different tools and software.